Contrac LLC – Tunnel Rock Storage – Indianapolis, Indiana

The City of Indianapolis and Citizens Energy Group developed a plan for the Deep Tunnel Water Connector to create a collective underground storage and transport facility for sewage that could otherwise go directly into Indiana waterways. The tunnel system is being built 200 feet below ground in bedrock. Contrac LLC had an opportunity to provide temporary storage and a retail outlet for the limestone being mined for the project.

The subject parcel was not zoned for such activity. Moench Engineering was commissioned to oversee the process to obtain a Use Variance from the City of Indianapolis as well as other construction permits through the City and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

We prepared the Use Variance petition along with site drawings and exhibits for the Tunnel Rock Storage. Brian Moench, represented the owners at the Metropolitan Development Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals public hearing. Approval was received for the variance of use.

Upon approval of the use variance, several additional permits and approvals were required to be obtained from the Department of Code enforcement. Moench Engineering determined which permits were required and completed and submitted applications for Infrastructure Review, Drainage Permit, Driveway Permit and Improvement Location Permit. We also submitted the required information to IDEM in compliance with Rule 5, Construction/Land Disturbance Storm Water Permit. All permits were approved by the appropriate agencies and issued to Contrac LLC.

Contact LLC has since been provided the opportunity to acquire additional properties to further the tunnel rock storage project. Moench Engineering has been assisting with developing plans and permitting the new sites. In the end, another client’s dream became a reality.

To learn more about the City of Indianapolis and Citizen’s Energy group Deep Tunnel Water Connector click here.

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